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Trent and Stacia' are as open as possible with people about raising their children. It is evident from others who know them that their love for God has been the foundation for their family. As professionals, they shared their knowledge and experience to help others through professional services offered at Positive Influences. Now, they are sharing it with you.Even more so, they want you to see the other side of parenting which is often overlooked in parenting guides - the kid's perspective.

Chanse and Taylor did not always agree with what their parents did but they understood the importance of harmony in a household. Juggling children, work, and church was often a struggle but they all managed to do it together and now call it The Balancing Act!In each chapter of the book, you hear the voice of all family members on different topics focusing on faith and family. 

Prepare to enjoy an easy read on matters ranging from discipline to appreciating children as a gift. You will feel like you are a guest in their home just talking about family over a good meal. This is their style, they love helping others and are willing to dialogue about their love for their family. 

About Us

The Family

Trent Alexander - Cool Breeze

Minister of Christian Education at the Truth Church 

Public Education Supervisor

Dr. Stacia' Alexander - Firecracker

Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Owner of Positive Influences

Chanse Alexander - Big Boi


College Student

Taylor Alexander - Lil Gal


College Student

Why Buy This Book?

One Family! Four Voices!

Family is important and something we dearly value.  In helping so many families over the years, we wanted to extend our reach.  We quickly realized families would also benefit from hearing what the kids thought about our goals and direction for the family!  Parents will appreciate the dialogue and youth will appreciate knowing they have a voice in the family.  Reading the book together will provide a fertile ground for growth for each family member.

The Book Launch

Family and Friends joined us for the book launch. We explained some of the process of writing the book and our overall goals. 



I have really enjoyed the book. Reading it to hubby and he agrees with everything I have read to him. The only reason I haven't finished is because I go back and forth between pausing to reflect on the questions at the end of the chapters and pushing forward to finish the book. Probably gonna end up finishing it and re-read it with the reflections, prioritizing them. 


This was truly a wonderful book! I love that it read like a conversation between family members who love and value each other. And isn't that exactly how balancing life amongst family should work? Thank you Alexander family for allowing yourselves to be a blessing by being an example with your love, honesty and in your leading the way toward balancing our faith and our family. 


 Hey, finished the book, The Balancing Act & I can truly say, "Even in my old AGE," I still absorbed some NEW KNOWLEDGE & AWARENESS on how to treat others, how to love others, how to forgive others, how & when to say, "YES," to others & how & when to say, "NO," to others, ALL IN THE NAME GOD!
Thanks for sharing and giving us a part of YOU! 


FB family, get your copy if you haven't already to this comprehensive guide that give tools to create harmony and balance in a family of faith from the perspective of both the parents and children! It will bless you all! 


I'm loving y'all's book, I can't put it down and at this pace I'll finish it before the sun comes up! The timing is perfect, it's like this is the book I would write to families with children. You already know how I feel about whooping children, but that is my only dislike, but the kids don't sound like they are scared 

I am also elated that your book is not religiously fanatical, in that, although you are Christians, the book so far, does not proselytize or exude self righteous piety. Instead it shows the peace that is found in loving and acknowledging a higher power, who gives us a peace that passes all understanding. 

Congratulations, I think you've got a best seller here! 


That is beautiful Stacia. The transparency you shared about the relationship with your mother will be helpful to many and maybe they will reach out to their loved ones. I especially liked how you shared your experiences with your daughter and demonstrated love through forgiveness. Sometimes we look at other people's lives and assume they haven't experienced much because they look so put together. We all have a story and the more we all share the healthier everyone becomes. I'm buying a copy as one of the gifts I'm giving to my son for his upcoming wedding. Blessings to you and your family for sharing some intimate moments of your life. 

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