Trent Alexander

Trent Alexander has lived in the Dallas area his entire life. He has always had a heart for Christ, and enjoys teaching and preaching the gospel. He serves as the Minister of Christian Education at the Truth Church in Arlington, Texas. He holds a Master of Theology from Tyndale Theological Seminary.

He cherishes and respects his role as father and leader of his household. He believes he is a better man because of the blessings of being able to raise his children. Trent is close to his mother and father, and cherishes the lessons they have taught him about God and family.

While he currently works in a local school district, he has a wealth of experience in the criminal justice field, educational field, and of course, Christian teaching and leadership. He frequently teaches Anger Management and Parenting Classes. As well, he enjoys speaking to groups, in corporate and spiritual settings, on various topics.

Trent is a personal fitness fanatic, and strives to help people understand the connection between fitness and health.