Empty Nesters

"They" are headed home for the holidays!!! WE talk about what it's been like without the kids at home!! #vroomvroom #emptynesting

Harmony Part 2

Many families Dr. Alexander sees have a tremendous time with communication and cooperation.  Check out the practical skills her and Trent used in the household with their kids. 

Harmony Part 1

 What is like at your place for the holidays!!!
Quiet and peaceful or loud and raucous?
Check out or Youtube video before the family comes over for some tidbits on keeping the harmony! 

Arguments with the Alexanders

Arguing is bound to happen in a family.  What kind of examples do you have for your kids? 

Handling the "Emotionality" of Parenting

We talk about everything! And even though there are so many important things going on in our world, we just took a Sunday afternoon to dialogue about the public display of emotion by Tyrese regarding the custody of his daughter. What do you think?  Did he take it too far?